Enhanced Monitoring

For the operation a virtualized SAP system on Windows, Linux or Cloud environment, therefore SAP requires the setup of the enhanced SAP system monitoring. The reason for this requirement is, that in physical environments all recourses are assigned to the operating system. In a virtualized environment the underlaying resources are shared of one or more virtualized operating systems.

In resources constrained situations the SAP basis administrator benefits of the important information about the underlaying physical resources available to the different virtualized systems. Therefore, the setup of the enhanced SAP monitoring is mandatory by SAP of virtualized Windows and Linux systems, this is also required for SAP systems in a cloud environment.

After the setup of the enhanced SAP system monitoring read access on performance metrics and specified configuration of the hypervisor and virtual machines are provided in the SAP system itself or in the SAP Solution Manager. This information is essential for the SAP support and for performance analysis of the virtualized SAP systems. The metrics are displayed in the ABAP transaction ST06, OS07 or OS07N, depends on the NetWeaver release, of each configured SAP system.

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The prerequisite of an SAP system is the SAP Host Agent - in the past the SAPOSCOL service was used for the enhanced monitoring - therefore check and update the version of the “SAP Host Agent”. The minimum SAP Host Agent required version of the SAP release is 7.21. For vSphere as Hypervisor patch level required version 05 - for Windows Server 2016 as guest operating system patch level version 24. Check the version by execute the operating commando saphostexec -version. Besides the requirement of the SAP Host Agent, installed VMware Tools including the VMware Guest SDK is also required.

By default, the VMware Guest SDK running inside the virtual machine provides the related data to related to configuration and resources of the virtual machine. To provide the full set of virtualization data, two advance parameters on the virtualization host and virtual machine needs to be configured.

Enable tools.guestlib.enableHostInfo = “TRUE” on the host to provide the hypervisor data to the virtual machine.

Enable tools.guestlib.enableHostInfo = “TRUE” on the virtual machine to receive hypervisor data from virtualization host.

With the commands saposcol.exe -d on Windows and /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol -d on Linux on the specific virtual machine, you could get also the virtualization data.

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