VMworld 2018 US – Las Vegas

As I am honored, proud and grateful to be allowed to run a Breakout Session at this year’s VMworld in Las Vegas, I want to share some more details of the session and list all VMworld sessions with an SAP focus.

The session The Top Configuration Concept Issues in an SAP HANA on vSphere Environment will be run by my fellow colleague and me.

Abstract: Do you understand the performance best practice of running SAP HANA in a virtualized environment? Have you ever asked yourself where these configuration guidelines come from in the best practice guide? VMware is granted by SAP to support SAP HANA in a virtualized environment on VMware vSphere. This joint effort provides you with an SAP HANA on VMware white paper (more than 140 pages) that guides you to all the certification, support, and best practices.

In this session, we will take a closer look at the configuration settings that have a high-performance impact. This covers topics of virtualized SAP HANA environments, such as NUMA, CPU, network, and storage dependencies. The presented content is based on real customer situations from the field and support.

VAP2298BU: The Top Configuration Concept Issues in an SAP HANA on vSphere Environment

VMworld 2018 Disclaimer: Picture by vmware.com

Other SAP and VMware related session @ VMworld 2018 US:

  • HCI2019BU Running SAP HANA on HCI Powered by vSAN
  • HYP1211BU A Journey to VMware Cloud on AWS for Oracle and SAP application
  • VAP1281BU A Decade of Running SAP on VMware at the University of Nebraska
  • VAP1492BU Performance of SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP Workloads in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VAP1820BU SAP HANA TDI Phase 5: Greater Flexibility in Sizing VMs
  • VAP2049BU Deep Dive: Optimize Your Virtualized SAP Ecosystem
  • VAP2172BU Automation of SAP Deployments in the VMware SDDC
  • VAP2294QU SAP in the Clouds Running
  • VAP3757PU Running SAP in the Hybrid Cloud
  • VAP3765WU SAP on VMware Technologies

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